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  • Mikhail Zhvanetsky



All tickets include a £1.25 Theatre Restoration Levy

Prices if booked in person at the Box Office
Stalls: £130, £100, £25, £160 Premiums
Dress Circle: £130, £25
Upper Circle: £70, £60, £25, £30
Balcony: £30
Boxes: £70

Prices if purchased online or over the phone
Stalls: £132.50, £102.50, £27.50, £162.50 Premiums
Dress Circle: £132.50, £27.50
Upper Circle: £72.50, £62.50, £27.50, £32.50
Balcony: £32.50
Boxes: £72.50


Monday 8 May 2017, 7:30pm


Book online or call 0330 333 4812 Tickets from £25.00

Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Russia's most famous living satirist and stand-up comedian, is set to delight UK based fans with a long awaited performance at London's Lyric Theatre on Monday 8 May. The one off performance, which will see Zhvanetsky hitting London with his signature well-worn leather briefcase, filled with jokes and observations, will be delivered entirely in Russian.

Zhvanetsky has put together a very special programme for the show, including a range of his best works to date, which have not only become the tour de force of Russian satire, but have formed the basis of many Russian proverbs and sayings. Alongside the classics, the audience will be treated to Zhvanetsky's merciless portrayal of new, highly topical material, sure to induce tears of laughter.

Hailing from Odessea, the Black Sea port known as 'the crucible of Russian-Jewish humour', Zhvanetsky is a talent with many strings to his bow. He started out his career penning numerous brilliant satirical miniatures with great philosophical insight, performed by legendary Russian comic actor, Arkady Raikin. In recent years he has worked extensively in the television industry, with his TV show "Duty Man of the Country" being aired monthly on national channel, Russia 1. He also continues to perform all over Russia and beyond, and has published several books, most notably: "Year For Two", "Meetings on the Streets" and "My Odessa".

Alongside this, Zhvanetsky is the founder of the "Moscow Theatre of Miniatures" and the president of the Odessa International film-festival "Gold Duke." He has been awarded many prizes, both in Russia and beyond, most notably the honorary titles of People's Artist and Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation. He has also been decorated with Russian Order of Merit for the Fatherland, fourth class.

Lyric Until 8th May 2017

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