Gender Pay Gap 2020

Nimax Theatres Limited – Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Nimax remains committed to maintaining a positive and inclusive workforce.

Results as of 5 April 2020

Mean pay gap         -0.4%
Median pay gap     -10.2%

Our gender pay gap is not due to pay differences between male and female staff. The majority of our staff are employed in our theatres and their hourly rates are set in accordance with the Broadcasting, Entertainment and Cinema Trade Union (BECTU) agreement.

The improvement against the previous year is largely due to the difference in the proportions of female and male staff in the Front of House roles at the snapshot date and which can vary due to show requirements at the time. Employee numbers at 5 April 2020 were not materially different prior to lockdown on 23 March 2020. The underlying reason however remains the same. The difference in the gender pay balance is due to less female representation in technical roles within the theatres. These roles have historically been male dominated and Nimax enjoys a long serving technical staff team and the majority of such roles are in the top two pay quartiles. Whilst in recent years there have been more females recruited into technical roles, there remains much scope for improvement and such changes are expected to be gradual and over a longer time period. Staff turnover amongst the full time, permanent group is very low, so there is very little opportunity to implement changes as swiftly as desired.

Pay Quartiles
Proportion of females and males in each pay quartile

Male 65%                                                                                                    Female 35%

Male 62%                                                                                               Female 38%

Male 58%                                                                                      Female 42%

Male 49%                                                                        Female 51%

Mean bonus gap 0.0%
Median bonus gap 0.0%
Percentage receiving a bonus
Female 0.0%
Male 0.0%

Nimax does not offer a bonus scheme for employees

I confirm the data reported is accurate

Tony Yoe

Finance Director
March 2020