Gender Pay Gap 2023

Nimax Theatres Limited – Gender Pay Gap Report

Nimax remains committed to maintaining a positive and inclusive workforce.

Results as of 5 April 2023

Mean pay gap        -0.6%
Median pay gap    -16.7%

Our gender pay gap is not due to pay differences between male and female staff.

The majority of our staff are employed in our theatres and their hourly rates are set in accordance with the Broadcasting, Entertainment and Cinema Trade Union (BECTU) agreement.

Prior to the pandemic, the company had success in maintaining a balanced representation of female and male members across both the senior management team in head office and in the theatre management teams. Since then the latter group has suffered a loss of females. It is well known that the theatre industry suffered a significant loss of skilled workers who left during the pandemic, most notably a greater proportion of the loss were skilled female workers, whose representation was from an already small base.

Under this backdrop, the main reason for the gender pay difference at Nimax Theatres is low female representation in technical roles within the theatres. These roles have historically been male dominated within the theatre industry and Nimax enjoys a long serving technical staff team, the majority of such roles are in the top two pay quartiles. Whilst in recent years more females have been recruited into technical roles, the number of females attracted to the industry to work in technical roles continues to be low and therefore the pool of suitable female applicants is very small.

At Nimax Theatres, staff turnover amongst the full time, permanent group is very low. Therefore despite ongoing best efforts to redress the gender balance within the technical roles, the results will be gradual and over a long period of time.

Pay Quartiles
Proportion of females and males in each pay quartile

Male 65%                                                                                                      Female 35%

Male 48%                                                                       Female 52%

Male 37%                                                   Female 63%

Male 39%                                                       Female 61%

Mean bonus gap                                0.0%
Median bonus gap                             0.0%
Percentage receiving a bonus
Female 0.0%
Male 0.0%

Nimax does not offer a bonus scheme for employees

I confirm the data reported is accurate

Tony Yoe

Finance Director

March 2022