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Boy Out The City

Boy Out The City

Performed at the lyric Theatre between 27 Sep, 2023 and 30 Sep, 2023

This is the electric, funny and raw autobiographical debut by Declan Bennett. Declan takes up on a journey into the messy and turbulent world of toxic masculinity, homophobia and men’s mental health; confronting his Catholic school days in Coventry, discovering the Gay scene in Soho and surviving the harsh bright lights of New York City. 

This is the story of a man in desperate search of identity and sanity who when confronted with the unexpected isolation of the Oxfordshire countryside, is forced to fight the demons of his past and come face to face with the Boy Out of The City.

Double band A tickets for performances of Boy Out The City and Bloody Elle are available for £60 here
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Declan BennettAuthor
Alex LewerLighting Design
Max PappenheimSound Design
Reuben Speed Set Design