New Comedy Groan Ups

25th January, 2019

Mischief Theatre will be taking over the Vaudeville theatre with a season of new work from September 2019.

The original Mischief company reunite to begin their year long residency at the Vaudeville with their new comedy Groan Ups;

Are we the same people at 30 as we were at 13? Does school life determine our future? Do we ever grow out of our school crush? Playing an unruly classroom of kids and anarchic high school teenagers, through to the aches and pains of adulthood, the original Mischief company are back in the West End with their first new play since 2016.

During their residency, Mischief Theatre will present three new productions which will end in August 2020.

Tickets for Groan Ups will go on public sale on Monday 28 January or can be purchased now via this link.